|| Leanne Luong

About Me

Grey Smiles Project



Hey love! It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Leanne and I am a wedding/portrait photographer. I’ve been running my business for a year and half now and it’s been such a joy ride being able to do the one thing that I love most on a day to day basis. Outside of photography, I am a student studying for my bachelors degree in Nutrition Science.


  • I am a huge lover of Ed Sheeran and French Bulldogs! (I hope you are too!)

  • My guilty food pleasures include bangs and taquitos from 7-11 lol - they are also my go-to snacks for any wedding day shoot

  • I am Vietnamese but can speak Chinese (Mandarin) quite fluently

  • I currently have 4 tattoos on my body


What does the “Grey Smiles Project” stand for?

Love to me cannot be simply defined as black and white, nor can it be defined by a specific color. The grey layers in between is what sets apart every person’s story and that’s what makes GSP so special. The vision behind Grey Smiles is to share the light within others. To move, touch, and inspire people through art and to watch a person’s confidence grow over time.